Discover Soundio a free music app + cash rewards

Join Soundio and earn cash music app! Soundio is a cool music app that helps you turn your music passion in to results and cash rewards. 1st we will look at other Soundio competitors and we will end with why Soundio is the top music app for people that also want to earn money.

One of the most popular GPT websites, InboxDollars, also pays you to listen to music through its radio. InboxDollars, like Earnably, connects its radio to RadioLoyalty. When you listen, you’ll earn points to your InboxDollars account. Again, if you’re going to sign up for InboxDollars only for its radio, you may just want to sign up for RadioLoyalty instead. But, InboxDollars has so many ways to earn money, that it’s definitely worth signing up to earn cash from radio and its other offers. When you listen to InboxDollars radio, you’ll need to enter a CAPTCHA when prompted so you can get credit for the time you’re listening.

HitPredictor, as part of the iHeartMedia family, gives you the power to influence new music before it’s even released as the company works with record labels, radio stations and even the band’s manager. Like a lot of these websites I already mentioned, HitPredictor will work in the same way, basically asking you to provide feedback to the songs you listened to. Every time you do so, the website will give you points, in which you can then cash out for prizes, such as gift cards, etc. Aside from listening to music, you can also rate artists as well as earn bonuses if you complete a certain number of reviews within a certain time period. From what I researched, it appears you can earn about $5~ for every 15 songs you can review, with each review taking at least one minute of your time. This is all dependent upon how fast you can type. HitPreditor is open worldwide as long as you’re 13 years or older.

Soundio is better than the music apps we presented above. What is Soundio App? Soundio App is the first and only FREE all-in-one music utility app with CASH REWARDS. HD Recorder: A recorder that works on all instruments and vocals. Easily export in high quality .m4a, share to other devices & contacts within seconds, and one-tap save to memo. Your creative audio files are safely secured in Soundio’s online user database. Pitch Accurate Auto Tuner: Sing a note, pick a string, tap a key and let it do the rest. Detectable on all instruments and human voices. Easy tuning hands-free. You automatically get cash bonuses when you use Soundio App. Along with free bonus opportunities such as your birthday gift from us and referral program, Soundio App offers you multiple ways to accumulate your coins in a reasonable amount of time. Options to redeem include our popular Amazon eGift Card, Paypal transfer, or charitable donations. See additional details on Get Soundio & Receive $10 Free.

Is Soundio App free truly to use? Yes! Soundio App is 100% free. We don’t take anything away from you. Instead, we pay you! Soundio App is a free music utility app for all musicians to enjoy! It does not offer subscription options to our users as we believe good things should be made accessible to all of you regardless of your financial ability to afford certain products/services. If you were wondering how we make money as a company without asking for payments from you, the answer is simple: we receive partial revenue from Soundio’s integrated advertisements, which will appear occasionally, but not to the extent that they prevent you from having the highest quality user experience possible.

Soundio is a free music app, all-in-one music utility app that gives cash rewards. Practice your instruments, record your vocals, just do what you love, and earn passive income along the way. Try Soundio App, no subscription, 100% free, period. Soundio’s intuitive tuner, metronome, and recorder are designed to optimize your user experience. Easily switch between features and stay logged in to earn rewards. Read a few extra info at Record your vocals and make passive income.