Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch

By participating in this studies you help the development of new, better cures for Alzheimer.

Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch® is a free, easy-to-use clinical studies matching service that generates customized lists of studies based on user-provided information. You can easily see what studies you may qualify for. Our continually updated database contains more than 250 studies, including both pharmacological (drug) and non-pharmacological (non-drug) studies being conducted at sites across the country and online.

We need your help to advance research
Individuals with dementia or those who are at risk of developing it, caregivers and healthy volunteers with no dementia issues are needed today to help advance Alzheimer’s research.

By participating in clinical research, you can help to accelerate progress and provide valuable insight into potential treatments and methods of prevention. Without the participation of people like you, finding a cure is nearly impossible.

Find potential studies in four easy steps

Step 1 Access TrialMatch online. For additional assistance email or call 800.272.3900 (press 1 for clinical trials).
Step 2 Create your account and answer a few confidential questions to complete a profile. When creating your account, you may elect to opt in or out of receiving email notifications from TrialMatch as new studies become available. You’ll also have the option to create multiple profiles within your account. For example, one for you, one for a parent and one for a partner or spouse.
Step 3 Submit your answers. TrialMatch will immediately generate your customized list of potential study matches, which you can view on your match results page.
Step 4


Review your match results and decide if you wish to contact any of the studies. You are under no obligation to contact or participate in any study. Remember, your profile information is kept confidential.