Strip mall & grocery store painting in Jacksonville from a top provider

Exterior painting contractor provider in Jacksonville : Punctuality and a Clear Timetable! Missed appointments, slow arrivals, fuzzy details about deadlines… These are all bright red flags. Punctuality and a sense that your time is valued and appreciated are essential. If it’s a little rocky at the start when they’re still trying to win your business, just imagine what it will be like when the honeymoon phase is over and they have your contract in hand.

Persistence, persistence, and more persistence: Never take no for an answer, and never give up. Put down the brush! The most important part of good business advice is to actually follow it. I made a huge pivotal change in my business approach when I was told that to be really successful, you have to take the brush out of your hands. Some of my other favorite bits of advice have been: Keep your costs down but don’t bite off your nose to spite your face. Surround yourself with good, positive people.

We are a commercial painting contractor executing large commercial painting, elastomeric waterproofing, high-performance coatings, epoxies, commercial roof coatings, LOXON systems, GACO, Uniflex systems and more… As Jacksonville’s commercial painting contractor we work hard to bring your Jacksonville office space, HOA project or business the quality it deserves — the best professional paint job possible! Pro Color Painting is known for providing commercial painting services & waterproofing results that go above & beyond the industry’s standards. Read more information on Jacksonville Painting Contractor.

One day in the early stages of my business, I went to the paint store 7 times. SEVEN times for god’s sake. I literally spent most of my day at the paint store. And if you’ve ever been to a paint store you know how slow the service can be. By the second year of my business, I had completely delegated paint-store visits. I started having my crew foreman go and pick up anything they needed; paint, materials etc.Once I found a couple good crews and started freeing up my time, I started trying different marketing techniques. I basically did everything listed here. My mistake was not tracking the return of each one. It turned out that a couple marketing methods worked WAY better than others. If I had properly tracked this, I would have put ALL my budget into the ones that worked, and dropped the ones that didn’t. Many painting contractors sign up for 5 different lead sources and don’t track the effectiveness of each one.

Will your paint contractor use primer on raw surfaces? This is very important, if not, the paint will fail eventually. Will the painting contractor sand the primer & clean the dust off before applying finish paint? Dust residue can cause paint failure or adhesion problems. How many coats of finish paint will be applied? And what grade paint will be used? So many painting contractors try to cheat and use inferior paint or don’t apply enough paint. In the long run the customer pays! Choose a quality painting contractor to ensure longevity! Will the paint contractor pick up daily or leave the job site cluttered overnight? Professional painting contractors clean up daily. Will this painting contractor remove debris & excess materials when the project is finished? Costs may be incurred if you must dispose of paint or debris. See more info at Jacksonville Painting Contractor.