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Chinese residents US immigration lawyers strategies: Depending on your field and qualifications, it might benefit you to learn a few “survival strategies” for the competitive labor market in the United States. Ask yourself: Am I completely prepared to launch my job search? Starting without the correct strategy could mean missing out on great opportunities. Prepare by learning about the hiring process directly from a human resources (HR) specialist. It all starts with a strong résumé. Have someone you trust read your résumé and provide feedback.

Compare recommendations by discussing your green card application with multiple immigration lawyers: Although most good immigration lawyers can be very busy, you should be able to talk to them and their office staff to understand their commitment to their clients and their overall style and honesty. Before choosing someone to represent you, talking to several lawyers will provide you with some basis for comparison, and some law firms offer the first free consultation. It will give you the opportunity to “feel” various lawyers to understand their personality and work philosophy to determine if they are right for you. In some cases, obtaining a second opinion may reveal that the first immigration lawyer did not fully understand your case or law, or attempted to use your money for something that was impossible or unethical.

Did you know that there are important cultural customs regarding your behavior after a job interview? Here’s how to follow up with your prospective employer. Make the most of LinkedIn: Write an attention-grabbing headline such as: “Motivated, experienced sales manager.” Under each job title or previous position, you should have at least three bullet points with strong examples of your expertise. Your employer is likely to look at your public social media pages—so you might want to consider cultivating a personal brand. Define your vision, mission, and core values. Your job application, social media presence, and LinkedIn profile should combine to create a narrative about your professional experience. Show employers your career trajectory—instead of just a list of jobs. Discover more info at

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对移民律师不切实际的承诺持怀疑态度: 优秀的移民律师,像其他专业领域的律师一样,依靠扎实的专业技能为客人服务。通常,优秀的移民律师需要大量的案例经验和长期的实践经验,以确保他们在某种案件中的专业水平。遇到不属于自己实践领域的案件时,优秀的移民律师会主动向客户披露,或应客人的要求,推荐相关领域的高级别其他律师。 如果你遇到一位愿意接受你的案件的移民律师,他根本不熟悉案件类型,你必须更加注意它。小心任何建议你做一些可疑事情的移民律师:或说谎申请移民,给律师额外的钱贿赂移民局,或从他或她那里购买假绿卡。

美国绿卡: 美国绿卡 指的是美国永久居民卡(United States Permanent Resident Card),是用于证明外国人在美国境内拥有永久居民身份的一种身份证件,因为该证件是一张绿色的卡片,代表了自由女神像的颜色,所以又俗称绿卡。 但绿卡并不等同于拥有了美国国籍。美国国籍是指拥有美国公民的身份,享有美国法律规定的公民权利像是投票权等等。对许多在美国生活的人来说,拥有绿卡就可以对他们的生活、工作等提供极大的方便。根据美国国籍与移民法,绿卡持有者虽然没有美国国籍,但在美国境内基本享有和本国国民一样的待遇,只不过没有选举权和被选举权而已。这就是为什么对于那些没有投票的外国人来说,入不入美籍其实差别并不大。

绿卡排期 (EB-2和EB-3): EB-2和EB-3绿卡的重点在于雇主/公司的支持( Sponsoring an Immigrant Worker for a Green Card),申请流程包括以下三个阶段:①PERM(劳工证)阶段:此阶段可能需要花费至少6个月甚至是数年的时间。PERM是发放给雇主的,你的雇主/公司需要在报纸、招聘网站等多个公共平台刊登招聘广告,向DOL(the Department of Labor),也就是美国劳工部证明当前无法招聘到符合职位要求的美籍员工,从而获得雇佣外国劳工的许可。PERM申请没有加急的途径; 在网站上阅读更多信息 绿卡排期表.

O1签证 适合人群: H-1B没有抽中,但是OPT即将到期; J-1即将结束但没有获得J-1豁免,没有合法身份继续留美工作;从不占H-1B名额的非盈利性机构转去占名额的盈利性公司,但是不幸的是当年的H-1B名额已满;H-1B签证快满6年,面临身份过期,但是还没有进行绿卡申请或者I-140申请还在等待审批。这些情况下,O-1签证都是最好的选择,可以帮你走出困境。O1签证 美国境内激活/美国境外激活 申请O-1签证的时候需要在I-129表上选择你想要的生效方式。 美国境内激活:O-1获批之后,你的身份会从你现有的签证身份自动转为O-1。美国境外激活:O-1获批之后不会自动生效,你需要去境外的美国领事馆面签才能拿到O-1签证